Mail system switchover complete

Ben Cooksley bcooksley-RoXCvvDuEio at
Sat Jul 7 00:27:54 BST 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that our transition from our old mail system
(Postbox) to our new mail system (Letterbox) has been made

The transition was made with minimal impact on service as far as we
can tell, aside from a slight delay in mail delivery as the DNS change
propagated. At this time all major providers appear to have picked up
this change and are now delivering to Letterbox successfully.

As part of this changeover, we started from scratch with our Bayesian
database. While initial training has been completed and appears to be
operating well, further tuning will take place over the coming week.
Mailing list moderators who see an increase in spam volume should
please leave that spam in the moderation queue and contact Sysadmin so
we can train the filter with it.

At this time the only degradation in service is for Yahoo users, who
may experience a delay in mail being delivered for the next few days
while our new IP address is "warmed up" in their reputation databases.
Once this is completed they should receive mail again as normal. No
mail will be lost as a result of this. This condition was expected
(and occurred when we migrated from KTown to Postbox)

We'd like to thank Bytemark ( for sponsoring the
Letterbox server.

Should anyone have any queries regarding the status of the system,
please contact sysadmin-RoXCvvDuEio at, or file a Sysadmin ticket.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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