Rebase of kopete branch and push it to master

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Sun Jan 14 20:52:29 GMT 2018


From the following ticket I was
suggested to open discussion on kde-core-devel list. Sending this email
also to kopete-devel as it is relevant for Kopete development.

Currently in Kopete git repository is a
branch kf5 which contains port of Kopete to KF5. That branch was created
3 years ago as part of GSoC was used as "staging area". Some patches
there are incomplete and later were "fixed & cherry-picked" into master
branch. Therefore you can find commits with same description/commit
message in master branch and kf5, but correct (working) one is in
master. Later this branch was used for pushing whole work of porting.

I took commits from this branch kf5 and rebased it on top of master with
cleanup of duplicate commits and commits which are already in master
branch. And this rebase I pushed into my cloned git repository

I wanted to push these master-kf5 changes into main kopete repository
into master branch, but it was rejected by commits hook, see above T7642
ticket. Reason is that "rebase" is not supported by KDE. ltoscano and
bcooksley suggested to discuss about it on kde-core-devel.

From my side as that branch kf5 contains duplicate commits as in master
branch and commits with same commit messages and different (old) patches
I really do not like see these commits in master branch. It would break
certain of git functionality (like bisect or blame, or log). And because
it was mean as a staging area, I would really like to use that rebase
for this time. I do not thing that there are advantage to merge this kf5
branch as is into master and better would be rebase.

Is there anything really against rebasing this one particular branch?

For future (to prevent any such problem with rebasing), staging areas
would be outside of main KDE git repository.

But for now I would like to have finally KF5 port in master branch.

I'm very disappointed by KDE as I'm periodically hitting technical
problems with KDE infrastructure which makes maintaining of Kopete
application just harder. (Problems like git push is not reflected to
annongit servers, git push hooks are failing because of dns server
errors and now git push failed because rebase is not supported). When I
compare it with other servers (like Launchpad, Github or old Gitorious)
I never hit any problem on them (yet).

I'm not subscribed to kde-core-devel, so please CC me on reply.

Pali Rohár
pali.rohar at
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