KDE inclusion

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Thu Jan 11 11:22:49 GMT 2018

Kevin Funk ha scritto:
> On Tuesday, 9 January 2018 21:06:36 CET Michael Reeves wrote:
>> I have a version of kdiff3 that I ported to kf5. I like to what build
>> requirements kf5 as a whole has. Also what would be the process for being
>> considered for inclusion in kde?
> Heya,
> Note: kdiff3 right now is hosted & developed on SourceForge.

The official one, yes, but see below.

> I'd love to see kdiff3 being adopted by KDE again (it former was KDE extragear 
> if I understood correctly). kdiff3 is a super useful tool -- and right now 
> development has stalled a bit.
> Talked to Joachim (the original author) a few weeks ago, where he stated he 
> just doesn't have the time maintaining it anymore, really. I've CC'd Joachim 
> so he can tell us whether he's okay with having kdiff3 developed further under 
> the KDE umbrella.
> I don't really know the process of having it integrated either. I'll leave 
> that to others.

We also have this:
(see https://t-fischer.dreamwidth.org/4327.html)

Does this new port continues the one on kde.org?


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