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Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Thu Jan 11 11:15:15 GMT 2018

On Tuesday, 9 January 2018 21:06:36 CET Michael Reeves wrote:
> I have a version of kdiff3 that I ported to kf5. I like to what build
> requirements kf5 as a whole has. Also what would be the process for being
> considered for inclusion in kde?


Note: kdiff3 right now is hosted & developed on SourceForge.

I'd love to see kdiff3 being adopted by KDE again (it former was KDE extragear 
if I understood correctly). kdiff3 is a super useful tool -- and right now 
development has stalled a bit.

Talked to Joachim (the original author) a few weeks ago, where he stated he 
just doesn't have the time maintaining it anymore, really. I've CC'd Joachim 
so he can tell us whether he's okay with having kdiff3 developed further under 
the KDE umbrella.

I don't really know the process of having it integrated either. I'll leave 
that to others.

Kudos for doing the KF5 port!


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