liquidshell in kdereview

Alexander Potashev aspotashev at
Mon Nov 6 12:30:23 GMT 2017

2017-11-06 14:16 GMT+03:00 Kevin Funk <kfunk at>:
> You're free to work on whatever you like to of course, but to me this sounds
> like wasted effort. Your good incentives would be better spent with joining up
> with others aiming for the same (LxQt for instance).


I had a bad impression of LxQt because:
 1. it didn't work for me out of the box,
 2. it consists of many components, it's hard to figure out which of
them are optional,
 3. it has poor infrastructure compared to KDE, e.g. their i18n server
hadn't been working for about a year.

Thus liquidshell looks better to me than lxqt; joining an inferior
project is not a good idea.

Alexander Potashev

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