Python bindings using cppyy (was: An update on Python bindings)

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Hello Shaheed,

> Firstly, we have existence proofs in the form of PyQt and the PyKDE4

PyQt doesn't really fit the model. It's developed by one person, and
with no source control access to anyone but the maintainer. PyKDE4 had
serious problems with maintenance (stuff got broken for months, at
times), although that was in pre CI times.

> Also, I wonder how easy that will be given the need to keep source
> compatibility? I've hardly done a comprehensive survey, but if the
> Akonadi example is anything to go by, I don't think there is a short

I would suggest to avoid anything that's not part of Frameworks for
now. The policies for ABI and API compatibility make things easier.
The rest can come later, once the finer issues have been dealt with.

I'd rather have the bindings in the frameworks, to ensure that if
something breaks, it can be fixed instead of bitrotting.

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