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On 27 May 2017 at 00:20, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at> wrote:
> El divendres, 26 de maig de 2017, a les 23:48:18 CEST, Boudhayan Gupta va
> escriure:
>> Hi,
>> On 26 May 2017 at 20:31, Elvis Angelaccio <elvis.angelaccio at> wrote:
>> > * The dbus adaptor could probably use build-time generation via cmake,
>> > rather than being committed to the git repo. If you need an example look
>> > at
>> > the CMakeLists.txt in kio/src/kioexec (qt5_add_dbus_adaptor and friends).
>> IIRC we did that first, but then figured we needed to edit the
>> generated code (I was the mentor for this project).
> That seems dangerous, what if sometime in the future you need to regenerate
> the adaptor because you add new functions or something?
> Files that contain autogenerated code should ideally not be "edited".
> Do you remember why editing was needed?

Not exactly, Arnav will know that. But it's not really too big a
problem for a project this size. In fact I do the same thing in

Granted this isn't best practice, but the effort required to do it
right (whatever way that might be) was inordinately large for the
scope of the project. At some point someone who's trying to patch this
part of the code might get stuck, but figuring out that generated code
was edited isn't difficult at all, as neither is asking the maintainer
how the code works.


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