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laurent Montel montel at
Mon Jul 3 09:40:27 BST 2017

Le dimanche 2 juillet 2017, 18:43:38 CEST Kevin Ottens a écrit :

> > But what I can say from my work in Debian is that often Debian needs to
> > coordinate the discussion to get rid of copies, that could have been
> > avoided if the different projects had been talking directly with each
> > other.
> > 
> > For me  the existence of those copies and no discussions with kdepim are a
> > -1 for moving it out of Review.
> You're assuming this wasn't discussed previously. It's been discussed a long
> time ago in person. It's not like no one in kdepim knew about it.

Kevin and me discussed about it long time ago when zanshin was ported to kf5.
So indeed a kdepim guy (me) knows it :)


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