CI Requirements - Lessons Not Learnt?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Jan 15 21:58:36 GMT 2017

Hi Martin,

just replying somewhere...

On 2017 M01 15, Sun 14:52:30 CET Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> I think that is a reasonable suggestion. If distros patch our
> dependencies we need to consider this as a fork. And a fork should be
> called a fork. It needs to be clear that KDE is not responsible for any
> issues caused by the fork and thus the complete product must be renamed.
> Also if a component like KWin gets forked this means that the complete
> product Plasma has to be considered as forked.

please excuse me, but I'd like to share some thoughts on the situation from a 
non-technical POV. Maybe it can give you an impulse to think about the 
situation. Ignore them if you think it is inappropriate.

You are maintaining kwin since several years now, and AFAIK the last years 
more or less fulltime as your day job, right ?

If I'm right that this is the scenario, here are my thoughts
- it would be good to have a second developer working on kwin, so you are a 
(small) team. Then it is easier to discuss stuff and it would take some 
pressure off of you.
- is kwin more or less the only thing you're working on ? Doing that for 
several years, and alone... it might have a relaxing effect if there was some 
more variety in your job
- OTOH, if you are maintaining kwin fulltime as paid job, I consider it 
reasonable to expect that the maintainer is able to maintain necessary 
#ifdefs, or apply pragmatic solutions, just to solve the problem for his 
users... but that is not realistic to expect if the maintainer is quite 
stressed out and all alone with this work.

All the best

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