krename in kdereview

Heiko Becker heirecka at
Mon Dec 4 19:23:32 GMT 2017

On 12/03/17 23:39, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>> It's a batch renamer started outside of KDE and its infrastructure but
>> it was kind of abandoned and I got the ok the from the original author
>> to move it to
>> The code can be found at kde:krename.
>> [..]
> Maybe you want to use poppler instead of podofo for the pdf plugin? Since 
> Okular uses poppler most distros have it available, podofo seems to be a bit 
> more niche in that regard.

calibre also requires it here and it's also an optional dependency but
your point might have merit nevertheless and I guess it's not that hard
to get the same things from poppler.

> When in the Filename tab, wouldn't it make more sense for Simple Filename tab 
> to be first and not second?

Hmm, actually I only ever used the advanced tab. Which makes me think
the UI should be improved and there shouldn't be two tabs. Maybe
something like the advanced tab with helpful hints/shortcuts
buttons/highlighting for new users.

> Is it only me that Alt+4 doesn't select the 4th tab?

It seems to be only you ;-) or at least it works here.

> The list on the plugins tab seems to be working only on clicks instead of on 
> change, i.e. if i click on the first plugin and then use they keyboard arrows 
> to change to another plugin the right hand side contents don't change.

Fixed with 23d4701

Thanks for your review.

Best regards,

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