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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Dec 2 09:17:56 GMT 2017

El dijous, 30 de novembre de 2017, a les 19:57:45 CET, Martin Flöser va 
> Am 2017-11-29 21:23, schrieb Martin Koller:
> > On Freitag, 3. November 2017 21:30:19 CET Martin Koller wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >> 
> >> I'd like to announce an application I've implemented over the last few
> >> weeks - liquidshell
> > 
> > since more than 3 weeks have passed, I hopefully have addressed all
> > issues and I got no further comments,
> > are there any blocking points you see or can I proceed requesting the
> > move to extragear ?
> Yes I still see several blocking items. E.g.
> "liquidshell is an alternative to plasmashell"
> I think that should be removed. I do not want any competing or
> alternative to plasmashell provided by KDE. This would be very bad for
> our community. Please formulate the readme without mentioning Plasma.
> I'm sure you are able to find unique selling points without going into
> any part of competition with Plasma or in any part which could be
> misunderstood.
> What I do not want is Phoronix: "KDE starts new desktop shell because
> Plasma sucks". Please formulate everything so that it cannot be
> misunderstood.
> Also remove all the parts about the main motivation without "hog cpu or
> ram". We already discussed that this was a problem with your local and
> personal setup. Don't piss on Plasma because your setup has problems.
> You have all the rights to scratch your own itch, but don't piss on us.
> Personally I'm against liquidshell getting added to extragear. I think
> this would be harming the KDE community to have a shared desktop shell.
> We have already too much fragmentation on the desktop area and I don't
> think KDE should support this by creating yet another desktop shell. We
> should think here in the big picture.

So you'd rather prefer he did this in github?

I mean yes, ideally everyone would work on whathever i want them to work on, 
but since this won't happen, can we try to make KDE a nice and welcoming place 
to challenge eachother ideas and implementations? 

I'm sure a little friendly (and yes this goes both ways in the meanthing that 
liquidshell should not piss on plasmashell) competition never hurt anyone :)


> Cheers
> Martin

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