kdereview - xdg-desktop-portal-kde

Jan Grulich jgrulich at redhat.com
Fri Apr 21 07:10:36 BST 2017


I would like to request review of xdg-desktop-portal-kde [1]. We would like to 
make it part of Plasma releases, see [2]. 

What is xdg-desktop-portal-kde:
It's a KDE implementation of Flatpak portals backend [3], currently with 
support of AppChooser, FileChooser, Notification and Print portals. 

One mentioned issue on plasma-devel mailing list was usage of Qt's private 
print API. This will most likely go away if I find out it's useless, otherwise 
I'll have to keep it as it's used to set CUPS properties which are not 
available to the outside world. 

[1] - https://cgit.kde.org/xdg-desktop-portal-kde.git/
[2] - https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/2017-April/069506.html
[3] - http://flatpak.org/xdg-desktop-portal/portal-docs.html#idm140258860052032

Jan Grulich,
Software Engineer, Desktop Team
Red Hat

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