announcement: Kwave is in kdereview

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Wed Oct 12 06:15:31 BST 2016

On 09.10.2016 15:21, Burkhard Lück wrote:
> [...]
> I have three untranslated strings in the GUI of the main window in the fully 
> translated locale x-test + de:
> the menu item "Record"
> "Record" + "Enter Command" in the Settings menu

thanks for the hint, you are right.

These strings are extracted by a small perl script, which does try to
avoid producing "duplicate" entries - but not honoring the message
context. The strings you pointed out are only translated in the first
context, the others are ignored.
-> I am working on it...

BTW: how should we handle these findings during review phase: is it ok
four you to handle/discuss them here on the mailing list, or shall we
use some bug tracking system? If so, should we use Kwave's current bug
tracking (which is on sourceforge) or the KDE bug tracking?


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