announcement: Kwave is in kdereview

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sat Oct 8 12:22:35 BST 2016

Thomas Eschenbacher ha scritto:
> Hello,
> according to
> I hereby announce the move of Kwave to "kdereview", on it's way to
> "kdemultimedia".
> Kwave is a sound editor built on KF5 and exists since November 1998. I
> am the maintainer of that project since ~2000 and still actively working
> on it.
> Currently Kwave is in "kdereview" (for quite a while) and my initial
> intention was to get it into KEG. But as I found out, KEG no longer
> exists (although it is mentioned in the web site mentioned above) and I
> also came to the conclusion that kdemultimedia would be a better place
> for it.

While "extragear" is not the official name for a place anymore, if your
application has its own release schedule, detached from other released
"products" by KDE, then you may see that some internal tooling consider it
So it moves to the question: do you want to release with "KDE Applications",
adhere to that release schedule (major release every 4 months, with specific
freezes, etc)? If yes, then "kdemultimedia" is the place, if not it's
"extragear-multimedia". Which means that kwave will be released when you
release it.

> Background:
> This is attempty #5. The first one (~2005) has hit the migration from
> CVS to SVN and I was asked to postpone it. The second one was ~2009,
> there I hit the migration from SVN to GIT. The third one was 2013, and
> finally 2015 I got into kdereview, where the project resides right now -
> and waits for approval to go further into kdemultimedia.
This is a bit unfortunate. I can say that someone could have helped pushing
the kdereview process when you entered kdereview. kdereview is not a place for
long staying, while in your case you had releases from it, which makes things
a bit complicated for some internal tools.
That said, we can move forward with the review process (which is the entire
core of the meaning of "being kdereview").


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