Discontinuing repository tarballs

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Wed Nov 23 10:15:32 GMT 2016

On Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:17:29 PM CET Ben Cooksley wrote:
> HI all,
> As of late Sysadmin has been assessing what components of our
> infrastructure are in active use and should be maintained going
> forward.
> As part of this it has come to our attention that the repository
> tarballs offered by our anongit network (tar.gz files of our
> repositories essentially) are effectively unused - with only 19 hits
> being received by one mirror in the space of a week.
> These tarballs are generated by cronjob once per week, and are
> effectively a duplicate copy of the repositories which must be held by
> each anongit. Removing them will reduce the resources needed and
> maintenance complexity involved to operate an anongit mirror, as well
> as reducing load on the main git.kde.org server which generates the
> tarballs.
> If anyone has any objection please let us know.
> Regards,
> Ben Cooksley
> KDE Sysadmin

+1 to that.

But i would like to have at least an script that we can generate by ourselves packages on 
same way, when we decide to do manually on our side.

[]; s

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