Kwave is in kdemultimedia now

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Tue Nov 15 05:52:26 GMT 2016

Luigi Toscano wrote:

> Luigi Toscano ha scritto:
>> Christoph Feck ha scritto:
>>> On 11.11.2016 20:41, Thomas Eschenbacher wrote:
>>>> as suggested by Ben, I hereby to inform you that today
>>>> Kwave has been moved to kdemultimedia :)
>>> Thanks for your patience :) Did sysadmins also add an entry at reviewboard or
>>> phabricator for code reviews? If not, which would
>>> you prefer?
>> I would say that it's pointless for new projects to create reviewboard entries
>> at this point. It would be good to start fresh directly with Phabricator. I
>> can create the project and the observer repository.
> That said, the kwave repository is available already on reviewboard (it has
> been for a while). The offer for Phabricator items still stands.

Well... that's a good question!

I tried to find out what is the "must have" feature that would make me
say "yes", but I am not sure.

I think I already have all things that I need (and even more, the KDE
infrastructure is really great!!!), and offering two different tools for
bugtracking, reviewing, contributing and so on - wouldn't that confuse
the users and bear the risk of having duplicates in the databases? Or
are the databases behind coupled in some way?

I am a friend of the philosophy "one project - one tooling", so I guess
when I say yes to Phabricator it would be wise to switch off the already
existing alternatives?


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