Kwave is in kdemultimedia now

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Fri Nov 11 19:41:58 GMT 2016

Hi all,

as suggested by Ben, I hereby to inform you that today
Kwave has been moved to kdemultimedia :)

(I guess that means translations can be moved there too,
and maybe some other things get triggered now...)

Thanks for reviewing and assisting during the transition!

kind regards,

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: [sysadmin/repo-metadata] projects/kde/kdemultimedia/kwave: Move
KWave to KDE Multimedia.
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2016 08:12:16 +0000
From: Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at>
Reply-To: kde-commits at
To: kde-commits at
CC: release-team at

Git commit 18ab019d3eb427892369cbaecc126174e7a3e34f by Ben Cooksley.
Committed on 11/11/2016 at 08:10.
Pushed by bcooksley into branch 'master'.

Move KWave to KDE Multimedia.
CCMAIL: release-team at

R  +0    -0    projects/kde/kdemultimedia/kwave/i18n.json [from:
projects/kdereview/kwave/i18n.json - 100% similarity]
R  +1    -1    projects/kde/kdemultimedia/kwave/metadata.yaml [from:
projects/kdereview/kwave/metadata.yaml - 096% similarity]

diff --git a/projects/kdereview/kwave/i18n.json
similarity index 100%
rename from projects/kdereview/kwave/i18n.json
rename to projects/kde/kdemultimedia/kwave/i18n.json
diff --git a/projects/kdereview/kwave/metadata.yaml
similarity index 96%
rename from projects/kdereview/kwave/metadata.yaml
rename to projects/kde/kdemultimedia/kwave/metadata.yaml
index 7912061..5a10fe9 100644
--- a/projects/kdereview/kwave/metadata.yaml
+++ b/projects/kde/kdemultimedia/kwave/metadata.yaml
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ members:
 - displayname: Helio Castro
   username: helio
 name: Kwave
-projectpath: kdereview/kwave
+projectpath: kde/kdemultimedia/kwave
 repoactive: true
 repopath: kwave
 type: project

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