Reviewboard timing (was Re: Sunsetting of Infrastructure and the Phabricator migration)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Mar 19 16:23:40 GMT 2016

El divendres, 18 de març de 2016, a les 12:12:45 CET, Luigi Toscano va 
> On Friday 18 of March 2016 19:46:03 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> > In terms of Reviewboard, there are no plans to import it's contents
> > into Phabricator, as the level of effort required is too high. Once we
> > are migrated to Phabricator for reviews, i'm proposing that everyone
> > has 4 weeks to finish any final reviews up within Reviewboard before
> > it is set to read only by disabling login for everyone. Reviews still
> > open at that point would be discarded.
> (starting a subthread on kde-core-devel as advised)
> I think this timing is too short. I agree with closing down Reviewboard, of
> course, but I would propose something a bit more complicated (it seems that
> reviewboard permissions does not allow to easily set it):
> - close down new submissions (physically remove the pages? Comment out the
> code in reviewboard)
> - leave open the existing reviews for 6 months and add periodic reminders to
> them.

Given the awful speed i have having a look at reviewboard i would also 
appreciate if we had a somehow longer close period for existing reviews.


> Ciao

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