Review Request 127425: Fix kcoreaddons build with threads

Allen Winter winter at
Sat Mar 19 14:18:50 GMT 2016

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Review request for kdelibs.

Repository: kcoreaddons


CMake 3.0.2 at at least doesn't know what the Threads::Threads library is.


  src/lib/CMakeLists.txt 44f1516 



kcoreaddons build ok now.

was getting the CMake warning:
CMake Warning (dev) at src/lib/CMakeLists.txt:99 (add_library):
  Policy CMP0028 is not set: Double colon in target name means ALIAS or
  IMPORTED target.  Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0028" for policy details.
  Use the cmake_policy command to set the policy and suppress this warning.

  Target "KF5CoreAddons" links to target "Threads::Threads" but the target
  was not found.  Perhaps a find_package() call is missing for an IMPORTED
  target, or an ALIAS target is missing?
followed by the linker error:
 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lThreads::Threads


Allen Winter

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