Google Summer of Code 2016 - C# bindings for Qt

Arno Rehn arno at
Thu Mar 3 17:20:49 GMT 2016

Hey everyone,

having worked with Dimitar before, I'd recommend to accept QtSharp as a 
project under the KDE umbrella for this year's gsoc (if that's possible).
Dimitar has done some good work on Qyoto and SMOKE in the past. I think 
C# and Qt are a good fit, so I fully support creating bindings for it. 
This project might even attract some more people from the Windows side 
to contribute to Qt and KDE.


On 01/03/16 02:30, Dimitar Dobrev wrote:
> Hello all,
> My name is Dimitar Dobrev, a Qt/C++ and C# developer. I would like to
> participate as part of KDE in the Google Summer of Code this year
> with my project. It is C# bindings for Qt called QtSharp -
> . I understand that KDE supports
> people and projects involved in the KDE community, and I cannot say I
> am at present. However, I would like to give you a few reasons to
> consider my possible participation.
> The first reason is that I believe QtSharp is a good fit to the KDE
> community. It revives an old KDE project (Qyoto,
> ) so KDE is
> going to have one more language binding to enrich your community. In
> addition, QtSharp is obviously tightly integrated with Qt, which is,
> to me, the very heart of KDE, so I believe that any project which
> benefits Qt developers helps KDE grow.
> The second reason is that I was actually involved with the KDE
> community a few years ago. I was working on Qyoto with Arno Rehn - my
> commits can still be seen at git:// as can
> the documentation I generated (
> ). Unfortunately, SMOKE, the
> tool which generated Qyoto, was taking too much of Arno's time and he
> was forced to stop working on it. I, on the other hand, did not have
> the time for both Qyoto and SMOKE. So I was forced to switch to
> another tool for generating C# wrappers for C++ called CppSharp (
> ).
> The third reason is that I am confident I can provide an excellent
> service to the KDE community by successfully completing the
> assignment. I was a successful student (
> ) last year with the same project under the Mono organisation (which
> was unfortunately not accepted this year). My mentor was Joao Matos,
> the main developer of CppSharp (mentioned above). He has been a
> mentor in Google Summer of Code for three years, with more than one
> student in 2015 (
> ,
> ,
> ), and a student in 2011 (
> ). We have grown to be friends with excellent mutual understanding of
> both technical and non-technical issues and we form a great team. In
> addition, he's going to continue his work on C++# over the summer and
> this is going to directly benefit the development of QtSharp.
> QtSharp is hosted at GitLab, which is an open source (
> ) alternative to GitHub. I
> would like to mention, however, that up to a certain time QtSharp was
> hosted at GitHub ( - I still
> maintain this repository as a mirror) and it has become pretty
> popular for a project that is not yet complete, as evident by the
> number of stars it has.
> Please let me know about any questions or doubts you might have.
> Thank you very much for your time. I hope we can create some great
> code together.
> Best regards, Dimitar Dobrev

Arno Rehn

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