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Tue Mar 1 01:30:08 GMT 2016

Hello all,

My name is Dimitar Dobrev, a Qt/C++ and C# developer. I would like to participate as part of KDE in the Google Summer of Code this year with my project. It is C# bindings for Qt called QtSharp - . I understand that KDE supports people and projects involved in the KDE community, and I cannot say I am at present. However, I would like to give you a few reasons to consider my possible participation.

The first reason is that I believe QtSharp is a good fit to the KDE community. It revives an old KDE project (Qyoto, ) so KDE is going to have one more language binding to enrich your community. In addition, QtSharp is obviously tightly integrated with Qt, which is, to me, the very heart of KDE, so I believe that any project which benefits Qt developers helps KDE grow.

The second reason is that I was actually involved with the KDE community a few years ago. I was working on Qyoto with Arno Rehn - my commits can still be seen at git:// as can the documentation I generated ( ). Unfortunately, SMOKE, the tool which generated Qyoto, was taking too much of Arno's time and he was forced to stop working on it. I, on the other hand, did not have the time for both Qyoto and SMOKE. So I was forced to switch to another tool for generating C# wrappers for C++ called CppSharp ( ).

The third reason is that I am confident I can provide an excellent service to the KDE community by successfully completing the assignment. I was a successful student ( ) last year with the same project under the Mono organisation (which was unfortunately not accepted this year). My mentor was Joao Matos, the main developer of CppSharp (mentioned above). He has been a mentor in Google Summer of Code for three years, with more than one student in 2015 ( , , ), and a student in 2011 ( ). We have grown to be friends with excellent mutual understanding of both technical and non-technical issues and we form a great team. In addition, he's going to continue his work on C++# over the summer and this is going to directly benefit the development of QtSharp.

QtSharp is hosted at GitLab, which is an open source ( ) alternative to GitHub. I would like to mention, however, that up to a certain time QtSharp was hosted at GitHub ( - I still maintain this repository as a mirror) and it has become pretty popular for a project that is not yet complete, as evident by the number of stars it has.

Please let me know about any questions or doubts you might have.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope we can create some great code together.

Best regards,
Dimitar Dobrev
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