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On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 7:42 PM, Sven Brauch <mail at svenbrauch.de> wrote:

> Hey,
> On 03/01/2016 07:37 PM, Mark Gaiser wrote:
> > but there is
> > undoubtedly going to be a point in time where the plugin only works when
> > some very specific plasma part is required for it to function
> That is already the case; try running an application with a systray
> icon, it will not work (or in older versions even make dbus run out of
> file descriptors (!)).
> Otherwise I agree with your reasoning. I'm just not sure what we can
> effectively do about it. Having the plugin in an extra repository imo
> doesn't help much, and I really don't mind having plasma installed.
A few things come to mind..
1. Create bug reports. But they will likely be closed as invalid or won't
fix since they "think" the're doing the right thing.
2. Fork.

I did fork frameworkintegration for a very short time because the noto font
requirement was completely screwing my system up. They basically said i
should just swallow it and learn to live with it. Which i refused so i
forked, but it turned out to be more easily fixable by blacklisting some
weird fonts in the noto package then keeping a fork alive.

I really don't see why they are heading this way.

Isn't it possible to have the platform theme as it was before (with no
plasma deps) for others to use and then some "more fancy" plugin on top of
that which would implement just the plasma specific things? That way
everyone would be happy.
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