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Op 29 feb. 2016 11:10 p.m. schreef "Thiago Macieira" <thiago at kde.org>:
> On segunda-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2016 21:42:11 PST Sven Brauch wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > On 02/28/2016 03:58 PM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
> > > This is what I use:
> > > export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=kde
> > >
> > > and  you need the integration plugin installed. It used to be part of
> > > Frameworks (frameworksintegration), it will be part of Plasma (but
> > > hopefully still usable without).
> >
> > It isn't, unfortunately. For example, it requires KSNI support, because
> > for some weird reason that is part of the platform theme.
> >
> > So using QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=kde is basically not a viable solution for
> > any non-plasma desktop out there. Instead you are stuck with a 3rd party
> > solution like qt5ct to at least set the Qt / icon theme (color scheme is
> > quite hard already), and there is basically no viable option to get e.g.
> > KDE file dialogs back (instead of the unusable Qt5 default ones).
> If you're not in the Plasma desktop, you should get the dialogs from the
> desktop you're in. For example, if you're in GNOME, the GTK style plugin
> should get the GTK dialogs.
> The only left-over is for a Qt 5 app on a KDE 4 desktop. In that case, I'd
> argue that the Plasma plugin should be loaded, but it needs to be
> too.

That is only true in a "KDE and gnome world". There are more "environments"
out there. I specifically left out the "desktop" word since there are
environments out there where you might argue if it deserves the "desktop"
suffix. I for instance quite often fire up openbox. It doesn't have a Qt
theme platform plugin and should IMHO not aim to make one. Plasma has a
fine plugin which works wonderfully on openbox and makes qt dialogs look
fancy instead of ugly.

I let my openbox environment think that I'm in plasma by setting
"QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=kde" and that thankfully still works just fine.

I do think that it's a massive shame on the plasma folks for moving this
plugin into plasma itself for supposed "better integration" which I
seriously doubt. As of this moment it's still working fine, but there is
undoubtedly going to be a point in time where the plugin only works when
some very specific plasma part is required for it to function, that will
probably make it useless on non plasma environments. They should have never
went this route and leave the framework theme as is, without plasma.. But
that's my opinion. They have theirs, they know mine and that is all just
fine. They do the work so they are very much allowed to do this. It just

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