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Matthias Klumpp matthias at tenstral.net
Sun Jun 12 20:11:52 BST 2016

2016-06-12 20:29 GMT+02:00 Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org>:
> [...]
> Noone is suggesting hotlinking into Phabricator or Quickgit. And noone is
> doign that either (unless someone has proof otherwise).

I was commenting on this:

2016-06-08 23:37 GMT+02:00 Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at kde.org>:
> On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 4:32 AM, Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor at ukr.net> wrote:
>> написане Wed, 08 Jun 2016 19:27:23 +0300, Burkhard Lück
>> <lueck at hube-lueck.de>:
>>> Am Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016, 12:45:13 CEST schrieb Nicolás Alvarez:
>>> [...]
>>> I do not understand why the 176 pngs in www/sites/www/screenshots are a
>>> problem for migration to git
>> Hi,
>> I might be wrong, but is the hotlinking to Phabricator/Git files
>> (screenshots in this case) a good thing?
> Hotlinking to any repository browser (whether Phabricator, Quickgit,
> WebSVN or anything else) on KDE infrastructure is not supported under
> any circumstance. Our web servers are configured to block some forms
> of this already.
> Repository browsers are extremely expensive resource wise, compared to
> static file serving, and one can expect something like Appstream
> metadata to receive quite a few hits, therefore something properly
> setup for this should be done.
> [...]

Specifically I was referring to the "might receive quite a few hits"
stance. I am not saying that linking to repo browsers is a good idea
(quite the contrary, as stated in my previous mail), but the hits on
AppStream content might be much fewer than sysadmins expect due to
distribution-internal data caching.

(Btw, I have seen people linking to screenshots in Git repos, but
those were no KDE projects.)

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