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Sun Jun 5 18:49:08 BST 2016

Am Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016, 14:22:45 CEST schrieb Nicolás Alvarez:
> > El 5 jun 2016, a las 09:08, Martin Koller <kollix at aon.at> escribió:
> >> On Sunday 05 June 2016 09:14:42 Burkhard Lück wrote:
> >> 
> >> Some i18n issues:
> >> 
> >> It is a QApplication so you have to add the translators tab manually with
> >> aboutData.setTranslator
> > 
> > ok. what shall I write there (names, emails ?)
> > 
> > Isn't that a limited approach to name the translators in the sourcecode,
> > since every new translation added will need a source change ?
> No; you use something like i18n("TRANSLATOR NAME") (I don't remember the
> exact string), so that the name comes from the translation itself.

It would be
setTranslator(i18nc("NAME OF TRANSLATORS", "Your names"),
              i18nc("EMAIL OF TRANSLATORS", "Your emails"));

And it needs to be these very strings, as they are here, both comment and 
content, because for those by definition there will be in the catalog 
translation strings which then contain the names of the people who did the 
translations for the given language. Which means, the i18nc call will then 
return the names (and emails) of the translators for the current language, as 
stored in the currently used translation catalog. (So not the names of all the 
translators who translated to any languages, just for the current).
And there will be always such strings with their translation in the 
translation catalog, they do not need to be present in the actual code which 
makes uses of them, and thus do not need to be present in the catalog template 
(pot file).

And as Albert already said in his email, it might not need to be done when 
using KMainWindow (or derived classes like KXmlGuiWindow), as by tradition the 
KMainWindow constructor ensures those strings are set on the global 
KAboutData::applicationData object.

for all the details in the API documentation of KAboutData.


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