KDE file dialog

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Mon Feb 29 20:34:13 GMT 2016

Martin Koller ha scritto:
> On Sunday 28 February 2016 15:58:20 Luigi Toscano wrote:
>> Martin Koller ha scritto:
>>> In KDE4 times there was a common file dialog for the applications, I think this is what KFileDialog was made for.
>>> Now where some applications are already ported to KF5, there seems to be no such thing anymore
>>> (or it does not work here).
>>> KFileDialog is deprecated, QFileDialog does not have the functionality of KFileDialog (e.g. aside preview).
>>> As I find KFileWidget having e.g. preview possibility, I assume QFileDialog would use this widget via
>>> the platform integration, right ?
>>> If so, does this only work when running plasma5 as desktop or is there a way to get the KDE4 features
>>> in KF5 application file dialogs even when running inside a KDE4 session ?
>> This is what I use:
>> and  you need the integration plugin installed. It used to be part of
>> Frameworks (frameworksintegration), it will be part of Plasma (but hopefully
>> still usable without).
> ok, good. I've now installed frameworksintegration and I've now the preview feature back -
> but I have also now (in my POV) ugly black-and-white icons which I don't like.
> Installing systemsettings5 (openSuse 13.2) does not show any icon related section
> (in fact it only shows 6 different sections).
> I'd like to have the oxygen icons as in all my other KDE4 apps.
> Where can I set this ?

The icon kcm is currently part of the plasma-desktop source package (but it
does not depend on it). I don't know how it is packaged in openSUSE. But see
below (qt5ct)

> Should a KF5 app (with frameworksintegration) not also use the settings from a still used KDE4 desktop ?

frameworksintegration is going to be part of plasma, in fact. There would need
to be an "old plasma" integration. Or you can use an alternative system to set
it, like https://sourceforge.net/projects/qt5ct/

> How would this work in e.g. a gnome desktop ?

Afaik the Gtk+ style is used. There is also this project for a better
integration, see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/QGnomePlatform


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