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Thu Dec 29 21:46:48 GMT 2016

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We now have a new created repository named pim/kdav ( a DAV library for 
GroupDAV, CalDav and CardDav). That we split out kdepim-runtime. This library 
is now in ready for review. It builds already and together with hefee/dev/kdav 
branch in kdepim-runtime and is a functional replacement. At the moment 
kdepim-runtime is not taking any usage of kdav.

Some outlines:
everything is GPL2+
dependencies: QtCore, QtGui, QtXml and KioCore

It is planned to release kdav within 17.04. But this is not a formal mail to 
add this repo to the list of released repos.

Rough future plan:
* make sure kdav compiles at CI
* merge  hefee/dev/kdav branch and make sure it works with a owncloud resource
* streamline version numbers with KDEPIM & send a fromal mail to release team 
to add kdav.

Some remakes:
* version number is not streamlines with KDEPIM ( this will be done if we 
switch kdepim-runtime ti actually use it)
* @i18n-team: no need to copy strings to other repos, they will stay in 
kdepim-runtime (but in other files)
* I don't want to put this into the KF5 namespace, because it is not a 
Frameworks, and I think we as PIMsters were wrong in pushing this into that 
* CI support will come  and is already requested :)

Best Regards,


Am Montag, 19. Dezember 2016, 12:29:03 CET schrieb Sandro Knauß:
> Hey,
> > > moved Akonadi parts already into own files, that can be enter into
> > > kdepim-runtime.
> > 
> > Are you willing to port the dav resource to KDAV, once its released?
> I'll to the porrting and it will compile and work afterwards. But I will not
> do the logic change(s). I think here at the switch form QString -> DavUrl
> (see below) some function in settings could be removed are not needed
> anymore. I don't want to change the logic in settings because it has the
> potential to break the resource and I do not want to digg into the resource
> internal logic, how the QString -> DavUrl replacement is handled inside
> settings.
> > Yep, I certainly think making DavCollection::url() return a QUrl is the
> > right way to go.
> not QUrl we use DavUrl, because we also need the protocoll setting of
> DavUrl.
> > Any chance you could backport your patch to kdepim-runtime 16.12?
> Well this is not a bug in Applicatinos/16.12. The DAV resource it self has
> function to do the transistion:
> Settings::configuredDavUrl
> Settings::davUrlFromCollectionUrl
> This issue only one, because I create a seperate library, that should be
> self contained. For Applications/16.12 it is only a not nice logic
> seperation...
> Best Regards,
> sandro

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