announcement: plymouth-kcm in kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Dec 29 19:00:30 GMT 2016

El dijous, 29 de desembre de 2016, a les 12:58:10 CET, Marco Martin va 
> Hi all,
> announcing a new KCM module to change the plymouth splash screen
> The repository is named plymouth-kcm and is headed for kdereview now.
> its final resting place would be the workspace area, to be released in sync
> with the rest of Plasma

The .pot filename seems wrong, since if you grep for plymouth_sddm 
it's not used anywhere else.

You probably want to depend on KF5 5.29 since it's when KNewstuffCore was 
introduced (i think), i tried for some time looking for it in the required 
5.18 and failed.

CMakeLists.txt:32:set(KF5_VERSION "5.22.0")
   seems useless


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