Causes of session management problems in Plasma 5

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Thu Nov 26 07:55:19 GMT 2015

On Donnerstag, 26. November 2015 05:19:34 CEST, Nicolás Alvarez wrote:

> What do you mean with "konsole asks"? Things like "You have 
> multiple tabs open, are you sure you want to quit?" and "You 
> have unsaved changes"?


> If so, the scenario you describe is bad regardless of session 
> restoration.

Yes. Unfortunaltely.

> If konsole has to ask the user and the user has a 
> chance to say no and cancel the logout at that point, then 
> kwrite shouldn't have exited yet!

That's what the spec says, but the ksmserver change suggestion is about buggy clients that behave exactly this way.

> If "app canceling logout" is a thing, then logout should feel 
> transactional to the user. Either logout happens and all apps 
> exit, or logout doesn't happen and nothing exits.

Yes. That's what the spec says ...

> I guess the implementation of that would be: all apps should be given a 
> chance to ask their questions and approve or stop the logout

That'S exactly what happens, but ...

> before *any* app exits.

We cannot stop process from doing stupid things, like exiting in the wrong moment.

> This is how MS Windows works, by the way (or used to work).
No, it's how not buggy applications work on windows.


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