Causes of session management problems in Plasma 5

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Thu Nov 26 04:19:34 GMT 2015

> El 25 nov 2015, a las 14:05, Thomas Lübking <thomas.luebking at> escribió:
>> On Dienstag, 24. November 2015 02:02:46 CEST, Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
>>  Why copy the list? Logout may be canceled, so it is valuable to keep
>>  the main client list updated for after logout cancellation.
> So if I logout, kwrite exits, konsole asks, I cancel, I restart kwrite, I logout, kwrite exits, konsole asks, I cancel, I restart kwrite,

What do you mean with "konsole asks"? Things like "You have multiple tabs open, are you sure you want to quit?" and "You have unsaved changes"?

If so, the scenario you describe is bad regardless of session restoration. If konsole has to ask the user and the user has a chance to say no and cancel the logout at that point, then kwrite shouldn't have exited yet!

If "app canceling logout" is a thing, then logout should feel transactional to the user. Either logout happens and all apps exit, or logout doesn't happen and nothing exits. I guess the implementation of that would be: all apps should be given a chance to ask their questions and approve or stop the logout before *any* app exits. And if the system asks an app if it's okay to logout, and the app says yes, then when the "exit because we're logging out" command arrives, it's too late for the app to say no and it *has* to exit. This is how MS Windows works, by the way (or used to work).


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