kwallet-query moved to kdereview

Valentin Rusu kde at
Sun May 3 22:17:06 BST 2015

Hello Raphael,

The two weeks review period elapsed and meanwhile I did all the
suggested changes to the kwallet-query utility project.

This utility may now be included into kdeutils.

Do you agree with this inclusion? May I file the corresponding sysadmin


* Valentin Rusu <kde at> [2015-04-23 22:25:20 +0200]:

> Hello,
> Please be advised sysadmins moved kwallet-query to kdereview for your
> constructive critics.
> You may found more informations about it here:
> This is a rather simple script and I think it should go to kde-utils.
> I'd like to write a manpage for it, buy AFAICT that's not the KDE way of
> doing it. On the other hand, the target users would not need the
> handbook, in my opinion. But I may be wrong.
> PS:
> I3 users may also be interested about this:
> -- 
> Valentin Rusu
> IRC: valir

Valentin Rusu
IRC: valir

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