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Good Morning,

My name is Roberto Vannucci and I am a student in computer science at the
University of Udine (Italy).
As I love coding, and I would like to improve my skills, I would love to
partecipate to the GSOC 2015.
As I love KDE, which I think being the nicest DE for Linux, I have looked
for some project ideas inside the KDE wiki.
I have found one idea which looks very interesting and usefull for all the
Linux community.
I am talking about the OpenHolidays project.
As I have understood (please correct me If I am wrong) the steps of the
projects are the following:
1. convert kholidays files to the new format (xml-like)
2. create a new library (called OpenHolidays) which will provide the same
functionalities of kholidays, but which can be used by others DE like gnome
(so without Qt?)
3. create a "interface" Qt library which will respond to the APIs of
kholidays using the OpenHolidays library

After this, as "adddditional goal" create the OpenHoliday.org website.

Now, as I would really love to partecipate to this project, I would like to
know If I understood well the task.

Thank you very much,
Vannucci Roberto

Vannucci Roberto
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