[KDE/Mac] Multiplatform frameworks

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 00:32:30 GMT 2015

Hi Jeremy,

On 02/03/2015, at 11:42 PM, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> I read that KDEInstallDirs documentation [2], and it seems it's a bit outdated

Well, it is part of the official documentation for ECM, in api.kde.org, so it
*ought* to be up-to-date, but there is no date or version number AFAICS.
What makes you think it is outdated?

> or at least not complete.

Heh, heh.  It could be better written and explain things more, I agree… :-)

> If I change just -DKDE_INSTALL_DATADIR but nothing else here. kdesrc-build is installing data (stuff that went under $prefix/share) in "~/Library/Application Support" but nothing else so far. For example .desktop files for applications are currently in /usr/local/share/applications and kservice5 stuff is still in /usr/local/share/kservices5. Now after rereading that page it seems I changed the DATA_INSTALL_DIR but not the DATAROOTDIR, and since I set it to an absolute path it's installing those files correctly. I guess ultimately we would need/want to change all those paths on OS X. In my test here I've simply added -DKDE_INSTALL_DATADIR="/Users/jeremy/Library/Application Support" to the cmake options in my ~/.kdesrc-buildrc If there's somewhere where default cmake arguments are set per platform maybe that would be better to use and we can figure out the best places for all of these various paths one at a time.

I guess if you use -DKDE_INSTALL_FULL_DATAROOTDIR=… all the shared
data directories will follow the <appname> directories like Bo Peep's sheep.

BTW the names in square brackets in [2], such as DATA_INSTALL_DIR, are
supposed to be deprecated, but I see some recently-ported KF5 apps are still
using them in CMakeLists.txt.  Should they be using KDE_INSTALL_DATADIR,

Cheers, Ian W.

> > [1] https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdegames/granatier/repository/revisions/master/entry/src/game.cpp
> > [2] http://api.kde.org/ecm/kde-module/KDEInstallDirs.html

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