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Hi Ian,

On 02 Mar 2015, at 03:30 , Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> I am talking about regular apps, not Frameworks, but I am glad that Frameworks'
> doctools is inserting the "kf5/" subdir.

> But also I expect "/Library/Application Support/kxmlgui5/“,

> If I have understood [2] correctly (BTW there seems to be a misprint under KXMLGUI5DIR),
> it seems to me that "kxmlgui5/", "applications/" and "icons/", *whatever* they contain, would
> be out-of-place [3] in "/Library/Application Support/" because they are not apps.  

I remember to have had discussions about these locations with David a while ago

I recall him also pointing out that some apps might not be KDE-based, but using
KF5 libs back then, which complicates things even more.

Yes, I always also wondered about how all this could be kept consistent in an
Apple-ish manner in the light of KF5 apps also having stuff in kxmlgui5…


P.S.: When starting off with OSX/CI I wanted to do everything OSX-compliantly, but
after all saw that I would get nowhere if I tried to do this monster-undertaking
all on my own. As you know, I finally had to come up with an OSX/CI system which
uses almost the same folder structure like KDE's Linux build slaves. (Except the
application install location in /Applications/KF5/ everything looks like on Linux.)

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