KScreenGenie moved to KDE Review

Boudhayan Gupta me at baloneygeek.com
Sun Jun 28 19:45:50 BST 2015


>> Two regressions that I've spotted running with latest KSG from master
>> branch:
>> 1/ as far as I can tell, the window is non resizable. KSnapshot is, and
>> resizing the window ends up resizing the screenshot in it, which I find
>> really useful.

I'll take a look at this. Yes, I had made the KSG window explicitly
non-resizable, but the resizing the screenshot to make it bigger as
the window grows sounds like a very good idea.

>> 2/ once you have selected Active Window + Take a new snapshot, the
>> application waits for you to "click" somewhere, but as far as I can tell,
>> the window on which you click does not matter, what you get in the
>> screenshot is the window that was active *before* you click on "take a new
>> snapshot".
>> This is very impractical: if you want to change active window you need
>> first to select it (away from the ksg window, which is in fact the active
>> one (hum: does that mean that the button is actually ill-named) ? , select
>> an "active" window, then click back on kscreengenie (making this window the
>> active one), then take a new snapshot.
>> Ksnapshot behaves differently: you select "take a new snapshot", you click
>> on a window, the window becomes "active" and this is the one that gets a
>> screenshot.
>> I have not tested how it works when you use a "delay".

The way I've always used it, and how I find natural, is to just set a
delay and after KSG disappears select the window I want to click and
wait. Also, I'm going to add a new global keyboard shortcut
(Alt+PrintScreen or Shift+PrintScreen or something) that takes a
screenshot of the active window and saves it, so you won't even have
to call up the GUI in the future.

With the current code, intercepting a mouse-press meant for another
window, in X11, will mean installing another native event filter.
It'll be difficult, but not impossible. In Wayland though it *will* be
impossible, because Wayland doesn't allow taking over the mouse. So
the choices now are - inconsistent behaviour between X11 and Wayland,
or a different way of doing things, which gives consistent behaviour
in both X11 and Wayland.

> Another one: the "delay" spinbox is in 1/10 seconds unit. What use is a
> delay of 100 milliseconds ? KSnapshot uses seconds, which IMHO makes more
> sense

I've found use in setting half-second delays many times.


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