Review Request 122330: Associate *.qmltypes and *.qmlproject files with the text/x-qml mime type

Denis Steckelmacher steckdenis at
Sat Jan 31 17:48:56 GMT 2015

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Review request for KDE Frameworks, kdelibs and KDevelop.

Repository: kcoreaddons


The KDevelop QML/JS plugin sometimes needs to parse .qmltypes files (in order to list the content of installed QML modules, for instance), but KDevelop requires that files parsed using the QML/JS plugin have the text/x-qml mime type.

Because .qmltypes and .qmlproject files are valid QML files (they follow the standard QML syntax), this patch proposes to add these extensions to the ones associated with the text/x-qml mime type.


  src/mimetypes/kde5.xml cc9f71e 



Installing kcoreaddons and updating the system MIME database allows KDevelop to detect that files with the .qmltypes and .qmlproject extensions have to be parsed using the QML/JS language support plugin. This allows QML files to use QML modules installed system-wide (and fixes the unit tests of kdev-qmljs).


Denis Steckelmacher

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