Another proposal for modernization of our infrastructure

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Thu Jan 29 16:22:45 GMT 2015

On Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015 13:14:14 CET, Martin Gräßlin wrote:

Ah. Web UI concerns.
Yes. Share most of them.

> Navigation through the code is difficult, you cannot see the 
> complete change in one, but have to go through each file.


Ideally one could have show the patch at once (for small ones across some 
files) or file-by-file (RB sometimes gets really slow on showing HUUUUGE 
patches, like sed'ing a symbol name etc.)

Maybe it's possible to borrow or upstream the Qt mod?

> What I also find bad is that you actually need to know the
> "magic" keyboard shortcuts to use it in a sane way.
> And the shortcuts are to be honest strange

Kids. =)
Those actually look a lot like vi (not vim) shortcuts.
But yes: to everybody not familiar w/ vi those are ... suboptimal (and i 
recall my thoughts on vi when being confronted with it for the first time)

If the shortcuts can be freely chosen, one might want to make use of the 
modern inventions to keyboards like the page up/down or arrow keys (along a 
modifier, eg. ctrl)

?: Open shortcut help
Alt + PgUp / PgDown: 	Previous comment / Next comment (kate bookmarks)
<Ctrl> + f:		Search (as present)
F3 / Shift + F3: 	Next diff chunk or search result / Previous diff chunk
j / k :		Next line / Previous line (ok, because arrow up/down work as well)
Right/Left Arrow:	Expand or collapse comment (treeview style)
Shift + Right/Left Arrow: Expand or collapse all comments on current line
Alt+ Left/Right:	Previous/Next file (typical browser history shortcut)

I've no good or strong idea on:

<Shift> + m	:	Mark patch as reviewed and go to next unreviewed patch
seems ok.

,:		Show diff preferences
hardly ever used

i:		Toggle intraline difference
hardly ever used

a:		Reply and score
I've never sued that.


> I do not like the comment threading of review board, but I consider gerrit 
> even worse.
What I like better on gerrit is that it doesn't spam the entire thread via 
mail (TOP QUOTING!!!!! ;-)

> All comments are collapsed and you have to go to 
> the diff to read the comments on the code.
If any possible there should *really* be a brief context on the comment 
(ie. the code line reproduced)

> There is no threading at all involved. On review 
> board we quite often have threaded discussions, but I cannot see how this 
> could happen in gerrit.
When you click reply, you create a quote, but that's hardly optimal.

Also see!topic/repo-discuss/VZuOTLzlDZ8 
on the specific matter and/or here 
for a more extensive list on improvable things.

> into git doesn't change much. Whether I do:
> git push something magic:something other magic
> or
> rbt post -o --parent=somethingmagic

I'll disagree here and point my 50 commits review disaster (i canceled it 

git push something magic:something other magic
    is actually just a variant of the canonical form (example)
git push origin master:master

Shortcutting "git push" can cause you trouble unless you operate on one 
repo + branch only, so one should know the full form and then there's no 
magic left.


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