Sysadmin report on the modernization of our infrastructure

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at
Thu Jan 22 20:04:56 GMT 2015

On Wednesday 21 January 2015 22:20:18 Eike Hein wrote:
> On 01/21/2015 05:12 AM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > As promised in the earlier thread, i'd like to present the sysadmin
> > report on the state of the infrastructure surrounding our code.
> As someone on the original git infra team, I'm impressed - thanks
> for your hard work.

As someone not involved in sysadmin tasks, I'm also implressed :-)
I trust the thorough research and I'm all for just giving it a try. There
are already plenty of volunteers to test this.

One tiny question (or rather proposal): Will we be able to have a 1:1 mapping
of the bug numbers of our ~377000 bugs on bko? That would help immensely also
to find issues again even if bugzilla is completely dropped.

Keep it up! Thanks,

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