Review Request 121831: libksysguard: process.h: encapsulate private fields

Gregor Mi codestruct at
Mon Jan 19 21:33:36 GMT 2015

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(Updated Jan. 19, 2015, 9:33 p.m.)

Review request for KDE Base Apps and John Tapsell.


Process: d-ptr for the next 11 fields (more to come)

Repository: libksysguard


In process.h there are several public fields. I propose to encapsulate the private fields with getter methods. I implemented it exemplary for the fields 'login', 'uid' and 'euid'.

(In a separate commit I would add the .reviewboardrc file)

What is the current policy on using small C++ macros as done in this RR? Use it (code is more compact and readable) or don't use it (better for debugging)?

Diffs (updated)

  .reviewboardrc PRE-CREATION 
  CMakeLists.txt cefc86f12be684e195bd148641483e9e1734e636 
  processcore/process.h b6695c0ed301dc5f0fad8ba847da811f19ebfd9a 
  processcore/process.cpp a38b8be71da1a51cb87f636664ebac817b1d20ab 
  processcore/processes.cpp 6c0effc903b7792a078e68d2ac6f7ac29dbbcc31 
  processcore/processes_atop_p.cpp 24c76e3e35f62bd8e9e705ad32cc11cbd3662601 
  processcore/processes_linux_p.cpp 898d4fa491873fe95a8b32a5c1b85642b2e46ad5 
  processui/ProcessFilter.cpp ec520593fb67c777d56817f2493d40dc5ade0347 
  processui/ProcessModel.cpp 53bc041110c9cdb686fef783895104969b661889 
  processui/ksysguardprocesslist.cpp 4dc142e864d8353ceafc3a6735ffa81e48291420 
  processui/scripting.h 2445c0ab0d81af3283c0f6e9c5f349a3d70b0de9 



Compiles and runs. Data is still shown. No error.


Gregor Mi

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