Changes to our Git infrastructure

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Mon Jan 5 22:22:22 GMT 2015

On Montag, 5. Januar 2015 22:58:43 CEST, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> For me, personally, RB's mails are even worse.
Ok, but that's pretty much OT, isn't?

> (Same problem with this thread, or rather mailing list. Why the 
> heck do I need to get two copies of every reply to a mail of 
> mine... One is _enough_. And yes, I know about the whole 
> reply-to-mangling-is-dangerous lunacy.)
You get them, because you send them. kcd is cc'd by your mails what will in the end make mail clients "reply to all" rather than just to the mailing list.

> Reviewboard isn't limited to kde-core-devel.
It's not only not limited, it's not even bound to kcd.
The receivers depend on the groups you attach to the RR.

> And it doesn't answer my main complaint: reviewboard, by its design, is made
> to whine about whitespace, extra white at the end of lines and 
> other one-line complaints.

a) breaking coding style is bad style anyway. Get a better editor, don't introduce tabs and trailing spaces and weird indention etc. and there'll be no complains.

b) You missed my argument.
MANY ppl. can give you an abstract review ("whitespace", "hot loop, performs crap", "this may crash") but only VERY FEW ppl. can make a feature comment.
If none of the latter ever shows up because the component has vacant maintainance, you might oc. feel that "ppl. only nitpick", but the alternative is that your patch remains entirely uncommented and if you at some point just push it, you'd introduce unnecessary style breaks and bad code on top of that.

> It gives the reviewer a happy feeling of a job well-done
That's nonsense. It ideally maintains general code quality by "many eyes".
If you are in charge of a component and have fundamental comments, you certainly won't restrict yourself to comment the patch on an abstract level.

> and the submitter a cold shower.
Eye of the beholder?
It's a tasklist. Nothing more, nothing less.
If that scares you, you probably would not want to hear fundamental concerns at all.

There might be a cultural gap between rather "polite" ("lying") and rather "direct" ("offending") societies, but that won't be fixed by any communcation tool in the near future.


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