Changes to our Git infrastructure

Christian Mollekopf chrigi_1 at
Fri Jan 2 09:57:27 GMT 2015

On Monday 29 December 2014 11.23:19 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> Based on the current feedback:
> 1) It seems people see no use in clone repositories.
> 2) Little commentary has been made on the merits of scratch
> repositories, with some dismissing them as pointless.
> Therefore sysadmin proposes that both clone and scratch repositories
> be eliminated as a concept with the next iteration of our Git
> infrastructure.

Having some mechanism where a developer can just create his own repositories 
that may or may not be shared with others is IMO essential. With the current 
infrastructure scratch repositories provide this mechanism and if not replaced 
with something similar I don't think it would be a good idea to remove this 

I find clones useful to publish my "private" branches somewhere, either as 
backup, or to share with someone. I also use force-pushes sometimes on those 
to i.e. cleanup a patch queue, and to avoid proliferation of branches by using 
$branchv1, $branchv2, ...
If we established that everyone pushes his branches into a prefix 
(cmollekopf/lksjflsjdf), and we can force-push and delete branches, then 
clones become IMO less important.


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