Moving KDiagram to extragear/graphics/libs (was: Re: KDiagram libs (KChart, KGantt) in KDE Review)

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sat Feb 21 23:12:29 GMT 2015


2 weeks have passed, seems there are no stoppers for KDiagram to move on into 
extragear/graphics/libs :) So filing now a ticket to sysadmin to do the move.

Thanks Albert, Aleix, Adriaan for having given KDiagram a check and (helping 
on) solving the issues you found (so KDiagram is Triple A rated? ;) )

Thanks also to whoever silently gave KDiagram some testing but did not report 
anything (hopefully a good sign).

* KDiagram builds on CI without warnings, all tests pass:
* added Product "kdiagram", components "KChart" & "KGantt"
* reviewboard: "kdiagram" (first review request handled)
* integrated, first translations done:
* KMyMoney frameworks branch ported to KChart (and found first bugs :P)
* Massif-Visualizer frameworks branch has review request for port to KChart
  (maintainer on vacation currently)
* Calligra will start the Qt5/KF5 port the next days, so nothing yet to do

Currently known unsolved issues (which I consider no showstoppers):
* lupdate/Scripty fails on some files, but no deal right now, as no strings
  are in code affected. Will look into once I have more time.
* code is build with different flag if unit tests are build, not perfect
  actually only enables unit tests embedded directly in the source files,
  so not changing actual library code
  (marked as TODO for now, no regression against currently used
  old snapshots of KDChart)

First release:
Other than initially planned I will not do an immediate release of KDiagram 
now, but first collect some more feedback by the projects porting to it, 
especially Calligra. First release will still happen before or at time the 
first release of any project known that ported to it of course (so tell if 
yours does :) ).


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