plasma-mediacenter in kdereview from extragear

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Feb 20 11:36:10 GMT 2015

I took at look at this today and discussed at the Plasma sprint..

- possible legal issues with youtube icon, now fixed
- mockcpp pointer to obscure repository cmake message
- qtmultimedia needs a "this is needed at runtime" cmake message
- music and video icon are black on black
- crashes, at times, probably a baloo issue, will discuss with vishesh
- doesn't show any music or videos for me, probably a baloo issue
- needs git plasma-workspace for login to work, cmake should tell me this
- it uses qml bindings from qtmultimedia (from qt5) which uses gstreamer 0.10.  gstreamer 0.10 is old and distros are dropping support for it, in Ubuntu we dropped the libav plugin so it can't play many file formats.  maybe one day phonon will have qml bindings.  it also leads to issues where some other part of Plasma uses phonon which uses gstreamer 1.0 so it loads libraries with clashing symbols.  this is all known and is mostly sad.
- there's no user docs, I don't know if this is still a requirement for inclusion, I don't think they get used much so I don't think it should be

licencing looks all good

I look forward to including this in Plasma 5.3


On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 08:22:58PM +0530, Bhushan Shah wrote:
> Hello,
> We want to move plasma-mediacenter to kde/workspace for releasing it
> with Plasma 5.x release cycle, Plasma media center is living room
> solution of plasma workspaces, it is integrated as shell package for
> PMC.
> Current code depends upon KDE Frameworks 5 (free of kdelibs4support),
> kfilemetadata, baloo, taglib and mockcpp (for tests, optional
> dependancy), you can build it from master branch or you can try it out
> from binary packages provided by different distributions like
> kubuntu-ci, KDE:Unstable:Extra repo from opensuse, or
> plasma-mediacenter-git package from AUR for archlinux.
> Looking forward to review from community
> Thanks!
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