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(we should also keep this on kde-core-devel)

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> On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 5:49 PM, Martin Klapetek <
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>> Hey,
>> As was said in the main thread already, KDE Telepathy does not try to be
>> swiss army knife and doitall, we also don't want to copy all features of
>> Kopete
>> (what would be the point of that :) We also prefer to keep the amount of
>> options
>> to be as minimal as possible.
> I could be wrong, but I think this discussion started with the idea of
> retiring Kopete completely, in which case it would be nice to have KDE
> Telepathy be as close as to matching Kopete's features as is reasonable.

Yeah, moreless. But if there's big interest in all those Kopete features, I
think Kopete should continue to be released, even if from extragear (and so
it would be in fact only retired from the KDE Apps release bulk). But if
you guys think otherwise, that's fine.

> As far as keeping the number of options minimal, my issue with that is
> that the reason I like KDE so much more than other desktops is that it's
> configurable. At this point, KDE seems to be the only desktop that doesn't
> enforce The One True Way to do everything, and I would hate to see the
> ability to configure KDE applications go away.

Right, but one also needs to keep a good balance and not provide an option
for every single possible thing. KTp really always aimed to be simple Chat
application and our target users are ordinary users. That's our mission
from the start and I'd like to keep it that way.

>> >
>>> > Manual sorting of groups in the contact list
>>> > Disable automatic resizing of text entry area
>>> > Disable sound notifications when away (ideally only with an explicit
>>> away
>>> > setting and not idle/auto-away)
>> These^ all fall into the category of what I wrote above. Maybe the last
>> one
>> could be done, if someones finds the time (manpower is scarce).
> The reason I like manual sorting of groups is that it lets me put my
> Google contacts at the top of the list and my Facebook contacts at the
> bottom. Maybe I'm the only person that wants to do that, so I assume I can
> fake it with putting underscores at the beginning of the names.
> If the time to learn the code isn't too bad, I'd be happy to try to help
> implement stuff. I haven't done much C++ since college, and I've never
> really done anything with Qt or KDE, but if it's worth the trouble I'm sure
> I'd cause, I can give it a shot.

Sure, help is always welcome. But please do get in touch at
kde-telepathy at first, we hate to say "no" to already written code :)

>> > No system tray icon when there's a new message from a contact with an
>>> open
>>> > chat window
>> Yes, well, there should be blinking taskbar entry, no reason to blink at
>> two places
>> really :)
> Yeah, I know, but for some weird reason I always found the spinning Kopete
> icon easier to notice than the blinking taskbar entry. I can keep dreaming,
> though, right?

Well we should really improve the taskbar then, if it does not do its job
that well :) Creating another solutions is just working around the original

But let's move actual issues reporting to bugzilla.

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