Review request: QBluez

David Rosca nowrep at
Mon Feb 16 09:40:44 GMT 2015

Hi all,
I'd like to ask for a review of the QBluez library [1].

QBluez is a Qt 5 wrapper for Bluez 5 DBus API.
I have started working on it as a GSoC 2014 project.
It is intended to be a libbluedevil replacement, main
difference being that every DBus call is made asynchronous.
It also exposes more Bluez API than libbluedevil, including
Obex API.

This library will be used in Bluedevil frameworks branch.
I have also written a new Bluetooth plasmoid [2] that uses
a QBluez QML plugin.

Bellow is a list of some additional QBluez features compared
to libbluedevil:

 * it is a tier 1 framework

 * asynchronous API using jobs/pending calls with possibility
   to run synchronously (for tests/cli apps)

 * extended API - this currently includes API for Obex File
   Transfer, Obex Object Push and Profile API for implementing
   Bluetooth profiles

 * build-time optional QML plugin - currently exposing Manager,
   Adapter, Device, DevicesModel and PendingCall

 * possibility to be notified when method call finishes
   and to be notified about possible errors

Currently, there is a qbluez branch in Bluedevil [3]. It will
be merged to frameworks branch once QBluez is reviewed.

You can find generated documentation here [4].

David Rosca


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