Another proposal for modernization of our infrastructure

Mirko Boehm mirko at
Tue Feb 3 11:40:01 GMT 2015

14 messages in 90 minutes on a topic we are discussing for weeks now. Please realise that that is why people do not engage on this mailing list. It is not the choice of tools. 



On 03 Feb 2015, at 12:23, Martin Sandsmark <martin.sandsmark at> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 02:01:22PM +0100, Jan Kundrát wrote:
>> Due to the nature of build jobs which constitute a pretty bursty
>> load, renting VMs sounds like a cost-effective approach for our
>> scale. I do not expect that it would make financial sense for us to
>> procure enough physical HW to cover the peak demand -- hence the
>> VMs.
> But this means that we would be even more dependent on financial donations to
> be able to keep a functioning infrastructure, if I understand correctly?

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