Policy regarding QtWebKit and QtScript

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Tue Dec 22 18:05:23 GMT 2015

> QtScript support in Kross depends on Qt's QtScript.

Meant to reimplement the scripting mechanisms we have to use Kross
instead of QtScript - to expose the scriptable objects to Kross.

IIRC (haven't checked Kross for a long time) it supported accessing Qt
objects and properties/methods, was able to run javascript with kjs
and similar, and that is mostly what we needed from QtScript.

EDIT: I've read the kross readme and the following:

> Currently, the only backend is a JavaScript backend powered
> by the QtScript library (which is part of Qt).

So, using Kross would mean implementing the kjs backend for it that we
had in 4.x times?


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