Why is C90 enforced in KDE?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Mon Dec 7 16:22:47 GMT 2015

On Mon, 7 Dec 2015, Luca Beltrame wrote:

> Il Mon, 07 Dec 2015 13:17:53 +0100, Boudewijn Rempt ha scritto:
>> Unfortunately, Linux distros aren't the main platform anymore for the
>> KDE software _I_ maintain.
> Given you've said this multiple times,

Yes, and I'll go on saying it until I feel people are listening... Which
I feel hasn't happened yet.

> with my packager hat on I'll just
> mention this: just don't make it harder *for us* to work just because
> you're targeting another platform.

There are two sides, of course: if making it easier for a distribution
to package KDE software makes it harder for an application to be packaged
for another distribution, where do we go? What's most important? Just
adding a dependency because all linux distributions have it so it's no
sweat can cause huge problems.

> You may not care for Linux distros, but
> there are people who *do*.

I care about Linux, I care for Linux distributions and I've always done.
I hate having to work on OSX (especially OSX) or Windows, but I don't
have a choice here. And if the KDE frameworks are supposed to be cross-platform,
development needs to reflect that, and anything that's making life easy
for a distribution should be weighed and considered and maybe rejected
if it's making life harder for users of the KDE frameworks on other platforms.

The alternative is doing what Gnome did: declare the KDE Frameworks
Linux-only. That would be a clear, honest step to take, and I wouldn't
actually oppose it. But it would put an end to the story that KDE Frameworks
are just additions to Qt that everyone can use.

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