Why is C90 enforced in KDE?

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sun Dec 6 16:58:52 GMT 2015

On Sunday, December 06, 2015 01:34:51 PM Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
> 2015-12-06 13:13 GMT-03:00 Allen Winter <allen.d.winter at gmail.com>:
> > We have (had?) a policy that flex/yacc generated source files should be part of the repo.
> > do not make everyone run flex/yacc when building.
> I disagree with this. It has happened to me more than once that I
> modify a flex file, regenerate it, and find it has been broken for
> *years* due to incompatibilities with newer flex versions and nobody
> noticed. Or I forget to regenerate it.
> Should we put .mo files in the SVN translation directories so that
> people don't need msgfmt? Should we put .moc files in git?
> kdevelop-pg-qt generated parsers? Code made from .ui files? Code made
> by kconfig_compiler from .kcfg files? kapptemplate tarballs?
> If it was up to me, there wouldn't even be .png icons in git version
> control, they would be generated from their .svg files at compile
> time.
I said the policy is flex/yacc generated. not all generated. 

perhaps flex is more consistently available on all platforms these days.
last I recall flex on Windows proved difficult to deal with, but maybe things are better these days.

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