Modular startkde proof of concept

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Thu Aug 20 16:22:26 BST 2015

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 11:31:57 Helio Chissini de Castro wrote:
> We ( aka's distros ) been patching startkde for years due obvious
> particular things oriented to the specific distro.
> Believe or not, is always an issue, since systems changes, and changed a
> lot in this years.
> So, in a quick talk on Fedora KDE irc channel, i propose some old idea on
> how to pursue the modularization of startkde, in some way easy to whitelist
> / blacklist / cutomize everything.
> The idea is pretty simple, startkde do onthing more than source a numbered
> scripts, following the ordefr under /etc/startkde.d
> If some distribution want to blcklist or modify the script, it can add te
> same one in /etc/startkde.d/custom and the custom script will be read
> instead of the regular one.
> It can be found on startkde_refactoring branch in plasma-workspace and is
> in a rough state to be used. The bare metal tests worked, but not the
> proper install part checked.
> Quick link:
> 17a6
> Since this is really distribution oriented, i would like to ask if we can
> pursue this solution and what can be done to be better.

On thing that would need further thinking is how this would work in a wayland 
work. Our current startup procedure is based on X11 behaviour, so X is 
started, then some stuff, then kwin, then some more stuff. The start of a 
wayland session is quite different though, as it's KWin that brings up the 
wayland server, so it has to be started first.

That means that we need at least two ways to start a session.
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